Low Cost Vouchers

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. aims to reduce the number of homeless animals on the Treasure Coast. Part of the solution is to make efforts to control the overpopulation problem. We offer low cost spay/neuter vouchers to help make it more affordable for our community to play a part in reducing the number of unwanted pets in our area. Stop by during our regular business hours to purchase a spay/neuter voucher.

Vouchers only cover the standard spay or neuter as agreed upon with the participating clinic. We encourage those who purchase vouchers to ask the vet what other costs may come up in the process i.e. rabies, pain medication, collar for after surgery, blood work, etc. 


Voucher pricing

Feline Spay $45*

Feline Neuter $35*


Canine Spay under 50lbs $55*

Over 50lbs $65*


Canine Neuter under 50lbs $45*

Over 50lbs $55*

Over 100lbs $75*

*There is an additional $5 service fee (not included in the prices listed above) that applies for each voucher purchased. 


Participating Vets:

  • All Creatures Animal Hospital, 5885 S. Kanner Hwy, Stuart, FL (772)-283-0101
  • Animal Medical Hospital, 825 NW Dixie Hwy, Stuart, FL (772)-692-0611
  • Prima Vista Animal Hospital (clients only), 250 NW Prima Vista Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL (772)-336-9300