Thomas O’Malley is a middle-aged Boy who spent most of his life outdoors. He is positive for FIV But his health is good. He would prefer a home as an only pet as he is quite shy around other cats.

As you might tell from my picture I’ve had a hard life. I was an outdoor cat and I carry the scars of the life I had as an unaltered male living outside.I’m finally safe and living indoors and I’m quite shy around other cats now. I am positive for Feline immunodeficiency virus but my health is fine and I don’t need any medicine or special food. All I need there’s a new start with a family who will keep me in doors and love me.


Katmandu is a young adult male who was originally found as a stray. He is great with people And gets along with other cats as well. He is positive for FIV but needs no special medicine and will have a normal life span.

i’m sweet and handsome-a great combination. I am a young adult who was found as a stray but it’s obvious I had a home because I am so loving with people. I get along with other cats, too. I am positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) but I don’t need anything special and I will have a normal lifespan. I’m anxious to meet you, so visit me soon.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee