Tahiti arrived as a house cat who had been in the same home for seven years. She was an only cat at one point but now she lives in a shelter with more than 100 others. She is very reluctant to eat and does not want to interact with them. Tahiti needs a home as an only pet . She is very affectionate and wants to be loved.

i’m a big girl with an even bigger problem. I’m a seven-year-old house cat who recently lost my home because my owner had to move. I’m used to being a one and only girl but now that I’m with over 100 other cats at the shelter I’m very sad. Right now I’m living in the bathroom by myself so that they can make sure that I’m eating but honestly, I don’t feel like doing much of anything. I miss the life I had and all I want now is a new home With someone who will make me their one and only girl. I’m extremely friendly with people and I’m ready to be your new best friend.


Salem is a sweet seven-year-old girl who was returned to the shelter by her owner because she could not get along with the Other cats in his house. She needs a home as an only Cat in a home with someone who will Give her the attention and love that she craves.

I’m a sweet girl who was returned by my owner after seven years because I could not get along with the other cats in his house. I love people and I’m very affectionate. I need a home with no other pets~and a special Someone who will treat me like the princess I truly am. Meet me today-I’m ready to go home with you.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee