Dolly is a four year old declawed girl who came to the shelter because her owner did not think she was cuddly enough. She’s very sweet and talkative but she prefers to be an only cat so she must have a home where people are patient with her and have no other animals.

I’m a four-year-old declawed girl who came to the shelter because my owner thought I was not cuddly enough. I was very frightened at first but now I have many human friends at the shelter-although I’d still prefer not to have any cat friends. I’m very sweet and I talk a lot. Most of the time I’m saying “Won’t you take me home please?” Come in and meet me-and let’s fall in love.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Chatty Cathy


I’m a young Tabby girl who likes to chirp and chat with visitors. I was one of a group of 70 dogs and cats who were rescued in November from Puerto Rico, following hurricane Maria. I’m FIV positive and I’m bilingual. I never had a real home and I would love to go home with you. To learn more about what owning a FIV+ cat entails, click here.