Checkers and LaVita

Checkers, a stray tortoiseshell Calico, was being fed by a Good Samaritan at a taxicab  company when she showed up one day  with her kitten,  Lavita. Unable to keep them at her home,  the Good Samaritan made sure they were safe at Dogs and Cats Forever. Although they could be adopted separately, mom and daughter would love to stay together in a real home of their own. They’re sweet and friendly and would be great in the home with people of any age. 

Great news!! Our Adoption fee has been paid by a guardian angel who wants us to stay together.


Chloe and Mozart

chloe_and_mozart1Update: Chloe and Mozart have been adopted.

Chloe (the dilute tortioseshell calico) and Mozart (the orange tabby) are two housemates who need a home together. Chloe is six and Mozart is eleven year old.  They sit together and sleep together all the time, and they even groom each other. They would be very unhappy if they were apart.  Please take them home together.