I’m handsome senior gentleman who loves to talk. I’m mostly Maine coon as you can see and I’m frontal declawed. I get along great with other cats and people of all ages but I’d be happiest in a calm adult home where I can be the center of attention. 

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Lucy and Chuck










 Lucy and Chuck are a very affectionate bobtail brother /sister pair who love each other. They are extremely people-friendly and were house cats all their lives owner became allergic to them. They would be great companions to a young Active family.

Great news! Our Guardian Angel has paid our adoption fee So that we can go home together




I’m a handsome boy who loves people. I used to be a stray cat and while I was living outside I contracted Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).   I’m not contagious to people or dogs I don’t need any special medicine or special food and I will have a normal life span. I would love to live in live in a real home someday.  

Great news!! My Guardian Angel has paid my adoption fee.


I’m a handsome gray Tabby boy who was left in an abandoned house with no food or water. I was very lucky that someone found me and decided to save me. I lived with Dalhia., another cat who was abandoned also,  but don’t really like any other cats besides her. I can be adopted separately or with Dahlia, but if I’m not with Dahlia, I need to be the only pet.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


I’m a handsome tabby and white boy who arrived at the shelter a few months ago. I was dumped in a feral colony in Miami but I’m actually a very sweet and gentle boy. I’m positive for FIV but I don’t need any special medicine or any special food. I arrived with my brother Storm,  and we would be great together in a home…. or we could be adopted separately..

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.




Colonel Mustard

I’m a handsome Tabby boy who is affectionate and loving. I have excellent manners and I lived in the home all my life until a few weeks ago. I am FIV  positive so I should be your only cat. I require no special medicine or special food and I will have a normal life span.

♦ Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Take a chance and give me a chance. I’m a loving one year old who has to be on special food. The shelter will help out with the food if you take me home,but right now I’m living in a room by myself because I can’t eat with the other cats eat. I could be a foster cat so I wouldn’t cost you anything extra. You are my chance to live a normal life.Please come and meet me.


Oscar was dumped at the shelter early one morning. He’s a very talkative boy and he’s getting along well with other cats in his room. The vet says he’s around 2 years old and he was obviously someone’s pet. Oscar’s looking to get back in a home soon as possible and would do best with an adult family or family with older kids.IMG_20171101_183203364



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Hola! I just arrived from Puerto Rico where I was rescued along with several hundred other animals who lost their homes during Hurricane Maria. I’m quite talkative and I get along well with people. Hopefully my journey to find a new home is almost over and I’ll be with a new family very soon.

Buenas noticias!!! My adoption fee has been  paid by my guardian angel.



My owners couldn’t keep me anymore so I was returned to the shelter. I’m 3 years old and I’ve been a housecat my whole life. I have great manners and I really like people. I’m a little shy around other cats until I get to know them, but I lived with my brother cat all my life so I would like to have feline company.