Louie is a shy one-year-old who needs a home where he can feel comfortable and safe. He’s good with other cats but very timid in new situations. He has the potential to be an excellent companion with the right owner

i’m a very handsome one-year-old who needs lots of TLC. I’m comfortable in my surroundings at the shelter and I like to be petted but I’m very shy around new people and new things. I need a home with a patient owner who will work with me until I feel at ease. I’m a very sweet boy with lots of potential to be a great companion.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee

Fred (Fospice Program)

Fred is a senior boy who was found on his own in a 55+ community. He Is a loving lap cat who hopes to spend his golden years with a forever family.

I’m a senior boy who is the newest member of the Fospice (Foster Hospice) Program.I’m a Very loving lap cat who is hoping to spend my golden years with a forever family. I was Left behind by my owner in a 55+ community and would love a quiet place with seniors like myself. I take one pill a day which the Shelter will provide And I even eat it in food so you don’t have to have a problem giving it to me. I have a lot of love to give I just need someone to give it to. Is it you?


Leo was literally thrown away by his owner before he came to the shelter and now he’s looking for a better life. He’s friendly talkative and good with other cats and people.

I am an oh so handsome Russian blue mix Boy who wants to be your new best friend. My owner dumped me (literally) and this time I want to pick a family who will love me forever. i’m five years old, talkative, and have excellent manners. I’ve only been at the shelter a short time and I’m getting to know my feline roommates but I would be OK as an only cat or a cat with one or two housemates.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Snaps was found by good Samaritan and brought to the shelter. He’s a very playful boy and gets along fine with other cats and even dogs. He needs a special home with Lots of love and TLC

I’m a happy boy who’s not quite like everyone else. I was born blind but since I never knew what I was missing I more than made up for it with my other senses. I’m playful and curious just like any other kitten and I’d love a home where someone will care for me and love me. I get along fine with other cats and even small dogs I’m in a foster home now if you’d like to meet me just call the shelter or email info@dogsandcats Forever.com . I’m ready for my forever home.


Jack is a friendly youngster Who came to the shelter after being injured as a stray in Miami. He is FIV positive but in good health now that his leg has healed and he’s ready for his forever home my baby

I’m a friendly young adult who came to Dogs & Cats Forever after being injured as a stray in Miami. I’m definitely feeling better now and ready to meet the public. I’m very friendly and I get along with other cats. Unfortunately I am FIV-Positive as a consequence of living outside but I don’t need any special food or special medical treatmentS, All I need is a loving home.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Huey was a shy kitten who came to our shelter
With his two siblings. He’s very sweet and has become very trusting. He would be happiest in a quiet home with adults or older kids

I’m in 11-month-old boy who came to the shelter with my two brothers Dewey and Louie. We were all very shy but in recent months my two brothers have gone home and I am alone. I enjoy being petted and I’m sure if I were in a quiet household where I could get lots of TLC I would soon be the kind of Kitty you’re looking for.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my Adoption fee.


Moe is a super sweet one and a half year old boy who lost his home when his owner moved. He’s great with people of all ages and other animals and would be a great companion to any family

Am I handsome or what?

I’m a super sweet one and a half year old boy and I lost my home because my owner moved. I’m very comfortable around people of all ages. I’d love to be your new pal forever. Stop by and meet me today.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Oreo came to the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him. He’s a sweet declawed boy who needs a quiet adult home

When I first arrived at the shelter I was very upset because I missed my home and my owner. Now that I’m used to my new life I’m very affectionate with the people who want to pet me. I’m 5 years old and frontal declawed. I need a quiet adult home as an only pet.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


Trix is a sweet Siamese mix who was found as a stray four years ago. He was a shy kitten but he is learning to trust people more everyday .

I’m a handsome four year old Siamese mix boy who’s learning to trust more every day. I was a very shy kitten but I am learning that petting is good! I’ll soon be ready for my forever family-maybe it will be you!

GREAT NEWS!! My adoption fee has been paid in memory of Kay Dickinson.


Simon is a young Tabby and white boy who was found living outside. He was being picked on by other cats and was found to be FIV positive. He’s very loving and sweet and loves to give head bumps

Head bumps and snuggles are in your future. Simon is just two years old and he’s ridiculously sweet. Despite being picked up off of the streets after other cats picked on him, he doesn’t mind sharing his space with other felines. Unfortunately, like many cats who end up living outdoors and are involved in fights, he contracted FIV. Luckily he can live a pretty normal life. Click here to read more about what owning a FIV+ cat entails. 

Great news!! Simon’s guardian angel has paid his adoption fee.


Hugs will give you a hug! Hugs is a four-year-old affectionate boy who prefers being an only cat. He will be a great companion for Play family of any age.

I’m a handsome four  year old who loves The great outdoors… On the porch, that is. My favorite thing is bird watching, squirrel watching oh, and lizard watching from the safety of a screen porch. I’m affectionate and talkative and I get along with people of all ages. I must be an only cat, as I want you all to myself.


Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


Mojo is a handsome one year old who needs a quiet home


I’m sweet, I’m gentle and I’m so deserving of LOVE. I came to the shelter feeling very scared and confused at first – I lost my home when my owner could no longer care for me. It’s been a few months now, and I am slowly opening up. I’m just a year old! I started letting volunteers pet and love on me, and I explore the room I’m in. I seem to do well with the other cats. I’m such a genuinely nice boy, I would make an excellent friend to anyone who is lucky enough to call me their own! 

Great news! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Thomas is a former stray who probably contracted FIV on the streets. He is doing well and hopes to have a real home someday


I’m a two year old FIV+ boy who is just becoming used to shelter life. I’m getting along with all my feline roommates and I am learning to live indoors. Maybe soon I will have a real home, too.

What does owning a FIV+ cat entail? Click here to learn more.


Frankie is a young tuxedo boy who is FIV positive. He is great with other cats and people of all ages.

Frankie is a handsome young adult cat. He is very friendly and would love to find his forever family soon. He did live outside at one point, and sadly contracted FIV. Thankfully he can still live a pretty normal life. To learn more about what owning a FIV+ cat entails, click here. 


Riptide was found swimming for his life under the Stuart Bridge he had suffered some injuries as well. Is a very talkative boy who enjoys being petted

Listen up because I’ve got quite the story to tell! I’m a bit of a talker but I’ll do my best to keep it short.

They call me Riptide. The beginning of my life is but a mystery. I was rescued when I was found swimming for my life under the Stuart bridge! Those who saved me realized that I wasn’t just a soaking wet & exhausted kitty; I had a leg and head injury as well. They think I could’ve been hit by a car and thrown off the bridge, but nobody really knows for sure. I keep trying to tell everyone what happened but nobody understands my frequent meows!

I’m all healed up now and feeling great. I enjoy prowling around the cat building as I please, sleeping in boxes or on the microwave. I’m a free spirit who enjoys catnip and a treat here or there. I’m a middle aged declawed boy, and I hope that someone will offer me the safe & loving permanent home that I’ve been waiting for all my life. 

Great news!! my adoption fee has been paid by my guardian angel.



Take a chance and give me a chance. I’m a loving 2 year old who has to be on special food. The shelter will help out with the food if you take me home, but right now I’m living in a room by myself because I can’t eat with the other cats. I could be a foster cat so I wouldn’t cost you anything extra. You are my chance to live a normal life. Please come and meet me.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


I’m a handsome tabby and white boy who arrived at the shelter a few months ago. I was dumped in a feral colony in Miami but I’m actually a very sweet and gentle boy. I’m positive for FIV but I don’t need any special medicine or any special food. I arrived with my brother Storm,  and we would be great together in a home…. or we could be adopted separately.. To learn more about what owning a FIV+ cat entails, click here

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.






I’m a handsome super sweet declawed senior boy who was just diagnosed with diabetes. I’m looking for someone who will be able to give me my insulin and make sure that I eat the right food. The shelter will supply everything I need if necessary. If you have had a diabetic cat before, please consider me.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee