Everybody says orange cats have more fun but I’ve been here for three months, and I’m not having much fun yet.  I’m a six-year-old housecat longing for a new home and a family.  I love to be petted and I want to spend my life loving you.  I  lost my home when my owner moved. I’ve been a house cat all my life, and I would love a quiet adult home with middle-agers like me.corey4corey3




Great news!  My adoption fee has been paid by a Guardian Angel.

Trixie left Dogs & Cats Forever six years ago as a kitten, but lost her home recently because of her owner’s allergies.  She is a very sweet and loving girl who misses being in a home of her own.  She is used to being in a home with kids and would be happiest as an an only cat in a home with a family of any age.

Flex and Devlin

IMG_20170327_155432devlin flexFlex is a one-and-a half year old orange tabby boy who arrived at the shelter with his sister, Devlin, a lovely tortoiseshell calico.  They are a bonded pair and must have a home together.  They are good with people of all ages as well as with other cats.

 Great news!! Flex and Devlin’s Adoption fee has been paid by their Guardian Angel.  They must go home together.

Little Leo

Leo CropLittle Leo has been adopted  Little Leo loves to purr and talk to his people.  Pick him up and he will melt into your arms. He is 5 months old and has a beautiful buff colored coat with stripes and rosettes.  He would be great in a quiet home with older children or just adults.  He gets along perfectly with other cats, dogs and even a rabbit!



Tigger is a beautiful orange tabby with classic markings who came to the shelter with his brother Mittens and sister Raven. He is very laid back but loves to interact with people.
He would be happiest in a quiet home-especially with one of his siblings



Kuni1Update: Kuni has been adopted.

Kuni is a spunky senior citizen who lived all her life in the same home. Her owner was trying to dump her at night on the shelter porch when she was discovered by shelter personnel. She is very sweet and loving and extremely well-adjusted under the circumstances. She has been checked out by a vet and is healthy. She is available for permanent foster or adoption.


oliver2AUpdate: Oliver has been adopted.

Oliver is a handsome four-year-old boy who was adopted from Dogs & Cats Forever when he was a kitten. Sadly, when his adoptive parents went their separate ways, he was sent to a county shelter. Fortunately, he had a microchip which identified him as a D&C Forever cat, and was returned to our care. He is one of the sweetest boys at the shelter and he is just waiting to meet a family who will take him home and love him. He is good with people of all ages and other cats. Don’t make this sweet boy wait another day for a new home.



Abby is a seven-year-old orange tabby girl who lost her home when her owner passed away. She is used to being a family pet and would be great in an adult home. She is friendly and sweet and would love a screen porch to bird-watch.

Mr. Kit Kat


mr_kit_kat1Update: Mr. Kit Kat has been adopted.

Mr. Kit Kat is a one and a half year old boy who loves people of all ages. He lived in a home with other cats, but was surrendered when his owner got married and could no longer keep him. He is very sweet and agreeable to new situations. He likes other cats and would make a great companion for any family.

Joe Oscar


joe_oscar1AUpdate: Joe Oscar has been adopted.

Joe Oscar is a handsome four year old who likes people of all ages. He would make a great family pet. Stop by and say hello to Joe Oscar he would love to meet you.

Milo and Otis



Update: Milo and Otis have been adopted.

Milo and Otis are six year old Maine Coon mixed brothers who are in need of a home together.  They are very handsome and sweet but require brushing to maintain their coats in good condition. They are used to living in a home and are very sad to be at the shelter.





Update: Louie has been adopted.

Louie is a nine year old exotic Persian (short haired) who was abandoned in an empty rental house by his owner. Louie is very small and sweet and needs a calm home where he can get some TLC.  He is used to other cats and dogs and would love to have a home of his own again.



billy1Update: Billy has been adopted.

Billy is a sweet nine month old boy who would love a home with adults or older kids.  He is a typical kitten but prefers a quiet setting to the noise of the shelter.  He has the potential to be a wonderful companion.  All he needs is a chance.



Update: Sonny has been adopted.

Sonny is a five year old orange and white Hemingway (extra toes) cat.  He is a very large boy and would need to be placed on a diet which would allow him to lose weight slowly. he also has a heart murmur.  For this reason, he is available for permanent foster.  He has been a housecat all of his life, and would love to have a quiet home again soon.

Charlie and Oscar

charlie_oscar1Update: Charlie and Oscar have been adopted.

Charlie and Oscar are handsome five year old twin brothers who lost the home they had lived in all of their lives.  Charlie is a polydactyl (Hemingway). They are very sweet and it would be great if they could go home together They have lived with birds bunnies and boxers.


charlie1Update: Charlie has been adopted.

Charlie is a four year old Polydactyl (extra toes) boy who has been a housecat all of his life.  He is very sweet and loving and was raised in a home with dogs, cats, birds and rabbits.  He has two brothers, who were surrendered with him.  He would love to find a home very soon.

George II

george_II1Update: George II has been adopted.

George II is a three year old declawed boy who was surrendered with his housemate Stinker.  He is a little shy at first but is getting used to shelter life.  He was surrendered because he lived where cats were not allowed.


Hemi1Update: Hemi has been adopted.

Hemi is a handsome two year old Hemingway (extra toes) cat who arrived with Thomas, his feline housemate (also available for adoption.)  He would be  great in a quiet adult home or a home with older kids. He is also used to sharing space with a dog.


Andrew is a two year old boy who is positive for feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV. He is very docile and loving, and he would be perfect in a home with no other cats or with other cats who also have FIV. With indoor care, cats with FIV can have a normal lifespan in good health. Andrew would be a perfect fit with a family of any age. He is available for permanent foster as well as adoption.