if you’re looking for a friend who’s short dark and handsome Phantom’s your boy..A few months ago Phantom probably thought he was in the wrong place at the wrong time as he went into a trap meant for someone else. Now  however he’s doing great eating well meeting new people and enjoying life. All he needs is a forever family to love.


My owners took me shopping at PetSmart, but sadly they decided while they were there that they didn’t want me anymore so they left me in a shopping cart. Thanks to the wonderful people at PetSmart I was able to go to Dogs & Cats Forever where I can find a family who wants me. I’m 2 years old and very sweet. I’ll be a great family companion.


I’m a gorgeous Siamese mix girl who’s only one year old. I am very sweet but I am a little shy right now because I’m not used to being with so many other cats. I like people and I would be happy in a calm adult home. I am FIV- positive, but I don’t need any special food or medicine and I will have a normal life span.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Chance 2

I’m a handsome two year old with gorgeous eyes. I was living as a stray when I was rescued, but when I was a kitten I actually had a family.   I’m a very sweet and gentle boy and I get along great with other cats.  Unfortunately,  I became positive for FIV when I was living outside . I don’t need any special food or medication.  All I need is lots of love. 

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


I spent my whole life as an outside cat having babies three times a year. Thankfully now I’m living indoors and I’ll never have babies again. I’m very sweet and I would love to be someone’s special girl. My dream is to be a house cat in a calm  adult home.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee





I had an injured eye but don’t feel bad for me I can see just fine and pretty soon I hope to see my forever family taking me home.. I contracted feline immunodeficiency virus when I lived outside but that’s no big deal either I will have a normal life span and don’t need anything special. All I need is a special person to love me.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Checkers and LaVita

Checkers, a stray tortoiseshell Calico, was being fed by a Good Samaritan at a taxicab  company when she showed up one day  with her kitten,  Lavita. Unable to keep them at her home,  the Good Samaritan made sure they were safe at Dogs and Cats Forever. Although they could be adopted separately, mom and daughter would love to stay together in a real home of their own. They’re sweet and friendly and would be great in the home with people of any age. 

Great news!! Our Adoption fee has been paid by a guardian angel who wants us to stay together.



I’m a beautiful young longhaired Russian Blue mix girl who loves to be petted.  My former owner abandoned me outside, so now I’m looking for a brand new start with someone who will care for me.  I would be happiest in a calm adult home.

Great news! My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel



I’m named after the Goddess of Wisdom-and rightly so-because I’m smart enough to know that I want to be the only feline Goddess in your life.  I’m young, I’m beautiful, and I’m very entertaining, so if you adopt me, you won’t ever want anyone else.

My Guardian Angel has paid my adoption fee,  so meet me and let’s fall In love.
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Take a chance and give me a chance. I’m a loving one year old who has to be on special food. The shelter will help out with the food if you take me home,but right now I’m living in a room by myself because I can’t eat with the other cats eat. I could be a foster cat so I wouldn’t cost you anything extra. You are my chance to live a normal life.Please come and meet me.