Mimi is an eight year old female Boxer and Beagle Mix. She is very high energy and loves to run around. A fenced in yard would be a bonus but lots of walks and exercise on a leash could also suffice. Mimi knows basic commands such as sit and stay. She is also house broken. She gets along with other dogs, kids but likes to bark and chase cats.  Mimi likes to swim and play in the pool.

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This is one adorable and affectionate pup.  Petey and his friend Gigi came in together.  Petey is a Boxer/Bull Dog mix with the best personality.  He’s only 4 years old so he still has quite a bit of energy but this guy loves to sit in your lap and give kisses.  If you are looking for a fun dog to play with by day and a sweet dog that will hang out with you on the couch, this might just be your new BFF.




Nico is a beautiful purebred 4 year old male Boxer. He is good with kids and other dogs….cats, not so much. Nico was found as a stray and his “finder” kept him for as long as she could. She just doesn’t have the time needed and thought he should have a chance at the best life possible. With a heavy heart she brought him into the shelter. This guy is mister charming and will be your best wiggly friend ever.


They just don’t come much sweeter than Chief.  He was found as a stray and is loving and gentle.  Chief is just a puppy, about 2 months old and is a Boxer mix so will grow into a medium size dog, about 60 lbs.  He will need to be potty trained and all of the puppy stuff that comes with it.  But, Chief will make a wonderful family dog.    Good with dogs and kids.


Prince Noah



Noah is a five year old purebred boxer.  He has a typical boxer disposition; loving, calm, sweet and good with children.  Noah is a special boy who deserves a special home.  His owner had to surrender him when he was taken in for major surgery and could no longer care for him.  Noah is a great dog!



Rainey1AUpdate: Rainey has been adopted.

Rainey is a three year old female boxer. She has a sweet disposition and gets along with kids and people. She would do best as an only pet where she can get all the attention. If you are looking for a very lovable and affectionate Boxer and hove no other pets, Rainey may be just the dog for you.



This good looking girl is named Daisy. She was found stray. She looks to be about three years old and seems to have a pleasant disposition.  Daisy is housebroken, good with dogs, children and cats.   If you are looking for a new forever friend that will love you more then herself Daisy may just be the dog for you.



Update: Max has been adopted.

Max is a three year old male Boxer. He seems to have a pleasant disposition and gets along with other dogs his size. Max also knows his basic commands such as sit and stay. If you are looking for a larger forever friend Max would love to meet you. Stop by the shelter during business hours and say hello to Max.


Dante2AUpdate: Dante has been adopted!

This little guy is named Dante. He is a four month old Bulldog and Boxer Mix. He’s still a puppy and very playful with lots of energy. Dante needs to be trained and housebroken but with patience and discipline Dante will make an excellent forever friend. Stop by the shelter and meet Dante, he would love to to see you.



Update: Roxie has been adopted.

Roxie is a one and a half year old female Boxer. She was surrendered to the shelter because she was aggressive towards her litter mate. Roxie would probably do best in a only dog home. Roxie seems to enjoy people and kids when she gets used to you, so kids shouldn’t be an issue. Stop by the shelter and say hello to Roxie. She would love to find a new forever home.


Roofus1AUpdate: Roofus has been adopted.

Roofus is almost a two year old Boxer. He gets along with other dogs his size and if given plenty of walks seems to be housebroken. He is a little nervous of new people at first but warms up quickly if he feels he can trust you. Stop be and see Roofus he would love to meet you.



JadaJada is a three year old Boxer, Pit Bull mix spayed female. She is very smart and can unlatch fences and open doors. She is very laid back and affectionate. Jada is completely house broken and an awesome dog. No cats. Dog only home. Jada is a dream to have around and ready for her forever home.




Shaq2Update: Shaq has been adopted. Good Luck in your forever home buddy.

Shaq is a three and a half year old male Boxer mix with a very happy go lucky attitude. He gets along with other dogs and would make a great pet in an active home.

If you have experience with Boxers or other large breed dogs and don’t mind lots of slobbery kisses Shaq may be a dog for you.


Update: Frog has been adopted. Good luck Frog and have fun in your new home.

This good looking Boxer is named Frog. You’re probably wondering what kind of name is Frog for such a good looking Boxer. Frog was found abandoned on the side of the road in a torrential rain storm. The story goes he looked like a waterlogged and sad frog.

Frog2Frog is almost three years old. He’s a good and very lovable boy. In fact he was adopted out from our shelter last year, but his owner got sick and since Frog would love to get in her lap she couldn’t keep him any longer because it hurt her too much.

Frog came back, but if you’re looking for a great Boxer who is very affectionate he may be for you. Come meet him. Frog promises the slobber will be kept to a minimum.