Meet Jagger – our gentle giant.
With Jagger around, you will never have a gloomy day.
He is pure happiness.
He loves all humans and always has a wagging tail. He likes to explore the yard and go on short walks. Jagger still has plenty of energy, but he also enjoys lazy-time with his favorite human.
We are still working on his treat-catching-skills.
But most important is for him to catch his FURever home!

Jagger needs to be the only dog in the home. Stop by the shelter to meet Jagger. 
….you may just fall in love.  

Did someone say peanut butter? Woof!
Enjoying some yard time.


Ellie it was found in South Florida living in a colony of Cats being fed by a good Samaritan. He’s a friendly boy who would do best as an only cat. He’s FIV positive and gets along great with people

I’m a big handsome boy who’s looking for a home where I can be your only cat. I’m three years old and I am FIV positive. I get along great with people but would do best in a home with no little kids. I’m content to lounge on the furniture or if you have a screened in porch to sit outside and watch the world go by.

Great news!! my guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

You look like you could use a hug! I work wonders for stress!


Thomas is a former stray who probably contracted FIV on the streets. He is doing well and hopes to have a real home someday


Oh, how I love laps! Is yours comfy? Can I try?
I’m a two-year-old FIV+ boy who is just becoming used to shelter life. I’m getting along with all my feline roommates and I am learning to live indoors. Maybe soon I will have a real home, too!

What does owning a FIV+ cat entail? Click here to learn more.


Attention everybody – Rocky is in the house (and hopefully one day, he will be in yours)! At just four years old – this Boxer mix has the smarts and the endearing personality that anyone would adore. Whether he’s playing with you and your active family in a fenced-in yard of his own, or curled up on the couch during your favorite tv show, Rocky is living proof that life is just better with four paws and a wagging tail around.
Rocky has spent half of his life with us, and while we love having a guy like him around, no dog should have to spend years without a family! Take a bit of time to get to know him, and you’ll be asking how he could be passed up for so long! Rocky needs to be the only pet in his home, so finding a family with an empty nest can be difficult. Please share Rocky and help us find the family he’s been waiting for!




Hey, I’m Rex, a 4 year old german shepherd. I can be a little people selective. But those who have gotten to know me call me a sweet guy. I have some medical issues that make it hard for me to be adopted, the staff can tell you more about that. I need an experienced handler in an adult home as the only pet. I promise to be loyal to my owner.


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