Mu Shu

mu shuMu Shu is a Siamese mix girl who was recently returned to the shelter by her owner who was moving out of Florida.  She is eighteen years old and gets along with other cats at the shelter very well.  Mu Shu is currently receiving  medication for hyperthyroid and the shelter would supply the medication to anyone who would foster or adopt Mu Shu.

Mu Shu is a housecat who wants to spend her golden years in a home-not in a shelter..  Please consider fostering or adopting this beautiful girl.

Mu Shu is available for adoption  through the Guardian Angel program (no adoption fee) or for permanent foster. 




Frankie is a handsome senior Siamese mix boy who lost his home recently during Hurricane Irma.  He is very affectionate and has excellent manners. He gets along great with other cats too.  Frankie would be perfect for a home with senior citizens like himself.

Great news!! Frankie’s adoption fee has been paid by his Guardian Angel.





Cheesecake is a 10 year old Siamese mix who was rescued from life  as a stray.  She is currently recovering from extensive dental work, and, sadly, she contracted  FIV while living outside.  She is now eating great and is gaining  much-needed weight.  Cheesecake  is a sweet girl who  would be happy to join a forever family.

Great news!! My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel


Milo_O9C9544-2IMG_20170519_194604TDP_6039 I am a super sweet handsome one-year-old Siamese mix who would love to be your new best friend.I I was a housecat when I was younger, but my family didn’t want me so they put me outside.  I could never survive outside because I’m a lover-not a fighter. .(I have a scar on my nose where another cat tried to beat me up).  Even after all that, I like other cats and I get along with people of all ages. I’d love to be your lap cat.

Great news !!!My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel 

Lucas and Luna





Lucas and Luna are a two-year-old Siamese mix brother and sister who came to the shelter a few months ago. They are very well-mannered and sweet, but like most housecats are extremely out of place at the shelter. They need a quiet home where they can resume their lives as lap warmers and window watchers.



Teddy and Cuddles

teddy_cuddles1Update: Teddy and Cuddles have been adopted.

Cuddles is a six month old Siamese mix kitten and Teddy is her older brother. According to the eye specialist, Cuddles has very limited vision. She is very sweet but also very dependent on Teddy, a nine month old Siamese mix who is probably her brother form another litter. The pair are available for permanent foster as well as adoption. Cuddles is on no special medication, but surgery may someday help her see better.


Taj1Update: Taj has been adopted.

Taj (which means beautiful) is a three year old Siamese mixed girl who needs a very quiet adult home.  She is affectionate and loving, but she would be happiest in a home with no other animals as she is easily intimidated by others.


Isis1Update: Isis has been adopted.

Isis is a two year old Siamese mix with lovely blue eyes amd a sweet disposition.  She gets along with other cats and people of all ages. Stop by the shelter and meet Isis, she would love to see you.


irishxIrish is a five year old Flame Point Siamese mix who would be happiest as an only cat in an adult home.  He likes one-on -one contact and would love a spot on your windowsill or sofa

Great News! Irish’s adoption fee has been paid by a Guardian Angel