Sampson (FeLV)

Sampson is a young long-haired boy who lost his home because he had feline leukemia. He would love a real home again soon and he’s very good with people and other cats.

I’m a handsome nine month old boy who spent my first months in a home of my own. Unfortunately when I owner found out that I had feline leukemia I had to leave because she had other cats. I get along with other cats but I really miss my home and I would love to have a real home again soon. Meet me and give me a chance to be your special baby.
Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Andi (Felv)

Andi is a sweet 4 year-old girl who is
Feline leukemia positive. She’s been a house cat her whole life she would love a home again very soon.

What’s a sweet girl like me doing in a place like this? -Waiting for you!

For most of my four years I was a happy house cat, but my owner had to move and now I am at the shelter. I’m having a very hard time adjusting to shelter life, as I’m not used to living with so many other felines. I’m hoping that someone will meet me and take me home. I am feline leukemia positive which means that my life will be shorter than that of most other cats, but I’m ready to go home with you and spend my life loving you.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fees.

Luka (FeLV)

Luka is a handsome youngster Who came from the south Florida area. He is positive for feline leukemia, but he still hoping for a home where he can be loved.

Come on in and take a ‘Luka’ at me! I want to be your little snuggle muffin!

I’m a handsome boy who came all the way from Miami to find a home. I’m only about a year old and I’m very friendly with people. Unfortunately, I am positive for the feline leukemia virus which means my life expectancy will not be as long as other cats. I know that lots of leukemia cats have been going home lately from the shelter and I’m hoping I will be lucky as well! If you don’t have other cats, or if you have dogs, I can safely live in your home. Consider taking me home and I promise to love you forever.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Tim Tim (FeLV)

Tim Tim is a friendly young male who was found as a stray. He would love a quiet home. He is FeLV positive so he would need to be with other feline leukemia positive cats or in a home with no other cats.

Just a loving buddle of fluff waiting for you to scoop me up!

I’m a handsome boy who is only about a year old. I was found as a stray and unfortunately I was living outside and contracted feline leukemia. I’m great with people and I get along with all the other leukemia positive cats in my building. My lifespan won’t be as long as other cats, but I would love a quiet home where I could love and be loved.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid by adoption fee.


Ana is a sweet girl who was adopted from our shelter as a kitten. She was found living outside, four years later, and was positive for Feline leukemia. She is very good with people of all ages.

Here, let me just stand up here so you can scoop me up! Purr!

I am a sweet, four year old girl who was adopted from the shelter as a kitten. I was found living outside a few months ago, and unfortunately because I was living outside I contracted the feline leukemia virus. I’m very friendly with the cats in my building and I love people of all ages. I would love to have a forever home again.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

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