Gemma came to the shelter after living a hard life on the streets of Miami. She’s a very sweet girl who gets along with other cats and people of all ages. she would be a great companion in a calm home.

I’m a beautiful princess who survived a very hard life in Miami before coming to the shelter. Now that I am here I’m hoping to find a home of my own very soon. I get along with other cats just fine and I’m very sweet with people.

I am FIV positive but that’s no big deal… I’m in good health and can have a normal lifespan.I am hoping to meet you soon so we can be forever friends.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Lucky was living as an outdoor cat in South Florida when he was attacked by a dog. He has fully recovered from his injuries but is FIV positive. He is lovely middle-aged boy Who needs a forever family.

i’m lucky to be alive. I was an outdoor cat living in South Florida who was attacked and nearly killed by a dog. I had a gash in my neck that was all the way from my jaw line to my collarbone. Thankfully, I was rescued and given the proper medical attention.I am FIV positive But I have totally recovered from my ordeal and I’m ready to find a safe and loving indoor home. I’m a very sweet middle aged boy and I love people of all ages. I’ve been lucky up till now… I just need a bit more luck to find a loving family.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.




Thomas O’Malley is a middle-aged Boy who spent most of his life outdoors. He is positive for FIV But his health is good. He would prefer a home as an only pet as he is quite shy around other cats.

As you might tell from my picture I’ve had a hard life. I was an outdoor cat and I carry the scars of the life I had as an unaltered male living outside.I’m finally safe and living indoors and I’m quite shy around other cats now. I am positive for Feline immunodeficiency virus but my health is fine and I don’t need any medicine or special food. All I need there’s a new start with a family who will keep me in doors and love me.