Mia is a stunning German shepherd girl , with a heart full of love and a longing for her forever family. Initially a bit shy, Mia quickly warms up to people, revealing her loyal personality. Mia is always attentive to her surroundings and eager to explore. Her intelligence and quick learning abilities make her a joy to train, and she thrives on mental stimulation and positive reinforcement. With her gentle demeanor and friendly disposition, Mia would be a wonderful addition to a family home. Mia is more than ready to leave the shelter behind and start her new journey with a loving forever family. Could that be with you? Stop by and Dogs and Cats Forever and meet Mia. 

Hey, there beautiful are you here to meet me?


2 year old -German Shepherd- Male

My name is Stark and handsome is my game. I’m a typical “teenager”.  I’m in need of a dad with a firm, but loving hand to bring me home.  I need someone who is experienced with my breed, and has no other pets. I would do best in a single adult home with no children.  I don’t like to be left alone, and require lots of attention. My friend, at the shelter who loves me, tells me I’m an “incredible boy”!  I absolutely LOVE to play fetch with tennis balls, catching them in the air, on the ground or in the pool! I would need a fenced-in yard so I can run and play. So, if you think we would be great buddies, please call the shelter and make an appointment to come meet me. Hope to see you soon!!!

Woof! Throw the ball! Throw the ball!



Hey, I’m Rex, a 4 year old german shepherd. I can be a little people selective. But those who have gotten to know me call me a sweet guy. I have some medical issues that make it hard for me to be adopted, the staff can tell you more about that. I need an experienced handler in an adult home as the only pet. I promise to be loyal to my owner.


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