Dre1Dre is almost a five and a half year old male Pit Bull Terrier. Once he gets to know you he is very friendly and lovable. He would do good in a dog only home without other pets, cats or very small children. Dre knows his basic commands such as down and sit. He can even shake your hand. If you’re looking for a very hearty dog with a lots of heart Dre may be the dog for you.



Mimi is an eight year old female Boxer and Beagle Mix. She is very high energy and loves to run around. A fenced in yard would be a bonus but lots of walks and exercise on a leash could also suffice. Mimi knows basic commands such as sit and stay. She is also house broken. She gets along with other dogs, kids but likes to bark and chase cats.  Mimi likes to swim and play in the pool.

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Baba is a male Pit Bull Terrier and is about six years old. Baba is shy and afraid in the shelter.  Baba would do well with a fenced in yard and a home with no small children or other pets. Baba has been working with a dog trainer while at the shelter and is learning to walk nicely on a leash.  He is such a love and it’s time that he find his forever family.






Mya was found as a stray in the summer of 2014, and brought to Dogs & Cats Forever No-Kill Shelter in Fort Pierce, FL. She had mange and was put on several medications by a veterinarian, but sadly, she had an allergic reaction to her medications,and developed an autoimmune response to her meds. She has been to specialists in Stuart, West Palm Beach, and Gainesville, at the University of Florida. She is slowly getting better but has run up more than $5,000.00 in vet bills and medication costs. Her vets say that it could take more than a year for her to recover fully. Mya is only a year old and has a wonderful personality despite being in and out of clinics and given medicine almost nonstop.
Mya needs veterinary care for many months to come, and while Dogs & Cats Forever is currently responsible for her care, we are a private animal shelter which receives no financial assistance from local government, and we need help to pay her bills. Please help Mya get better so she can one day find a forever home.





renata1Update: Renata has been adopted.

Renata is a middle aged beauty who was adopted from us in 2010. Her owner had to go into assisted living, so Renata is looking for another special someone to love. She is very sweet but needs a quiet home with no other animals.



Katie1Update: Katie has been adopted.

Katie is a sweet, one-year-old Calico girl who came to us with a litter of kittens. She is very friendly with people and would make an excellent companion in a semi active home. She is ready for a good life and waiting to meet you.



Marvin1Update: Marvin has been adopted.

Marvin is a friendly two-year-old who lost his home when his owner moved. He is very good with other cats and loves attention. When he arrived, he was missing most of his fur because of a flea allergy, but now, his hair has grown back and he looks “Marvelous.” Meet this sweet boy and give him a chance for a loving home.



jerry1Update: Jerry has been adopted.

Jerry was adopted as an eight week old kitten from our shelter nine years ago, but unfortunately a family member is allergic to him and he has to be returned from the only home he has ever had. His owner is trying to keep him in a room of her house until we are able to find him a new home. He is very sweet and handsome but understandibly will be a little shy at first in his new home. He is availble for permanent foster or adoption.



Shanghi1Update: Shanghai has been adopted.

Shanghai is a four month old Manx dilute torti kitten who needs a possible foster home because of a temporary-or possible permanent- medical condition. She will be having surgery to correct a rectal prolapse and hopefully after the surgery, she will need no other treatment. If the surgery is successful, then we will be looking for an adoptive home for her, rather than a foster situation. She is a happy, loving kitten who would be a great addition to an active adult family.



china2China is a young momma cat who gave birth to one kitten after being turned in to the shelter by her owner. She is very petite and would be happiest away from a shelter situation. She tolerates other cats-in small numbers- and would do best in an adult-only home


sassy2AUpdate: Sassy has been adopted.

Sassy is a nine-year old Ragdoll mix who is loving and sweet. She was surrendered to us when her owner moved into an apartment which did not allow pets. She is frontal declawed and must be brushed regularly. Sassy lived with a senior citizen for most of her life and she would be happiest in a calm home with retired people who are home most of the time.



Pixie1Update: Pixie has been adopted.

Pixie was left in a cat carrier by the side of a busy highway because her owner did not want her anymore. She is a very sweet and easygoing two-year-old. She has a very unusual calico coat with beautiful blue eyes. She needs to lose a few pounds and for that reason she is available for permanent foster as well as adoption.  She has a very unusual calico coat with beautiful blue eyes.  She would love a quiet adult home.


Update: Callie has been adopted.

Callie is an eleven year old calico girl who is declawed on all four feet.  She lost her home when her family had to move and could not take her along.  She has been in the same home all of her life and she would be happiest in a quiet adult home. She is available for adoption or permanent foster.callie1



Tallulah is a middle aged beauty who needs a quiet home. Her family lost their home and had to move.  Tallulah is very out of place at the shelter and needs to find a new home as soon as possible. Tallulah is also available for permanent foster as well as adoption.

Great news!! Tallulah’s adoption fee has been paid by a Guardian Angel