Sleepy & Sneezy

Lab / Terrier puppies – Male and Female – 5 months old.

These little darlings are your typical puppies.  Puppies are the very best, they like to play, get along with other dogs and kids….but, they do require training and attention.  These guys will grow to be medium pups and oh so adorable.




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Love love love this amazing girl! Courtney came in very afraid but in just a few days has warmed up and really loves the attention. She is only about two years old and a lab hound mix. She is very affectionate and knows how to sit, she is not high energy but rather calm for her age. Love love love ❤️❤️❤️


Buck is a yellow lab and great all around dog.  Good with children and other dogs.  His owner had a job change and did not have time to spend with him.  Buck is very healthy and loves to swim.  We are looking for a family with children and a pool or boat.  An active family with a fenced yard would be perfect.



imageLuke is a 6 month old border collie / lab puppy.  Of course he is adorable!  He has a lot of energy and requires a fenced yard.  Luke would do best with an active family that will spend time with him and also take home to dog training so that he can learn the basics.



Stitch1Update: Stitch has been adopted.

This sweet boy is named Stitch. He is a twelve to thirteen week old Lab,Terrier, Shepherd mix. He is very playful and has a sweet disposition. If you’re looking for a new forever friend Stitch may just be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter during normal business hours and meet this little bundle of fluff.



Lilo1Update: Lilo has been adopted.

This cute girl is named Lilo. She is about twelve to thirteen weeks old. We think she is part Lab, Terrier, Shepherd, and who knows what else. What is know is that Lilo is a very sweet and playful puppy. If you are looking for a brand new forever friend and a puppy that will become your shadow, then Lilo may just be the dog for you. How can you say no to such a sweet face?



Update: Benny Blanco from the Bronx has been adopted!

Benny is a sweet four month old male Lab and American Bulldog mix. Benny is full of energy and looking for an active family where he can get plenty of exercise. If you’re looking for a new forever friend to train and grow old with Benny may be the dog for you. You will have many years of love and loyalty from Benny.

Danny Boy


Update: Danny Boy has been adopted.

Danny Boy is about a four month old Lab and American Bulldog mix male. He is very friendly and seems to have a pleasant disposition. Danny Boy is a puppy that will need lots of exercise and space to play and grow. He would do well in a home with a fenced in yard. If you are looking for a new forever friend then stop by the shelter during normal business hours and meet Danny Boy.



Blaze is a three year old male Lab and Shepherd mix dog. He seems to have a happy disposition but would do well in an only dog home without small children or cats. He is full of energy so Blaze will need lots of exercise and training. He has the potential to be a great well mannered dog, he just needs someone willing to take the time and effort to show him the way to success. Stop by the shelter during business hours and meet Blaze. He may be the forever friend you are looking for.


This happy dog is named Diesel. Diesel is a six year old Lab and American Bulldog mix. He loves to play and has a great disposition. Diesel needs lots of exercise so if you have a big fenced in yard or love to go on walks Diesel may be a dog for you. If you would like to meet Diesel stop by the shelter and say hello. Diesel would love to meet you.



Update: Leo has been adopted.

Leo is a one year old male Lab,Chow, Husky, Retriever and probably everything else mix. He is a very nice boy, who warms up to you quickly when he gets to know you. Leo may have some separation anxiety and will need to be crated when you leave him home alone. Otherwise Leo is a very affectionate dog looking for a forever cat free home. Leo1

Lobo and Munchkin

Update: Lobo and Munchkin have been adopted and went to a new home together!

Here we have Lobo and Munchkin. Both dogs are male and both are a little over seven years old. Munchkin is a Yorkie and Lobo is a Lab / Poode mix. We think.

Munchkin LoboLobo and Munchkin came to us from a family that could no longer take care of the dogs. These two buddies have been together for more then six years and when we split them up, each will whine and cry until we bring them back together. It kind of goes without saying that we’re trying to find a very special home for these two, that will love and accept them both.



AstroAstro is a three year old male Lab and Chow mix. If you like to throw a ball or frisbee Astro will be your friend forever. He’s a bright boy who knows basic commands such as sit and stay, but still needs some practice. He loves retrieving balls, and frisbees and will wear your arm out.


Come by the shelter and meet Astro he’d love to see you.



Update: Jasmine has been adopted. Congrats Jasmine and good luck sweetheart.

Jasmine is a one year old female Pit Bull and Lab mix. Jasmine has been spayed and full of energy. She gets along with other dogs and loves to run and play. Jasmine would make an excellent running partner and forever friend. Very affectionate and loving. Jasmine is still a puppy and needs some training but she is very eager to please and ready to learn.