Australian Shep.– 8 years—Male

Max is a very special boy.  He is sweet natured and very social.  Max loves to be out and about and would do well anywhere except on a farm, he does not do well with chickens :) He is naturally a herding dog and likes a job so will need exercise.  He is good with other dogs and kids.





Suzy is the sweetest little girl.  She came in as a stray and we are working through her skin issues but she is smart, gentle and the perfect little size.  We think she is one to two years old and a mix…with big ears.   Please consider this shining star in our shelter.




Kodak is a two year old Pug and Beagle Mix, a Puggle… He is just the cutest pup.  He has a lot of energy and is good with other dogs and kids.  The owner didn’t have enough time for him.  He’s looking for a wonderful family that will make him the center of attention. IMG_9797


imageLuke is a 6 month old border collie / lab puppy.  Of course he is adorable!  He has a lot of energy and requires a fenced yard.  Luke would do best with an active family that will spend time with him and also take home to dog training so that he can learn the basics.



Max is a one year old Great Dane and Doberman mix.  He has a wonderful temperament and is very playful.  He is a typical Dane.  Max is good with other dogs a older kids.  Max has a good disposition, charming, affectionate, and he is playful. Max loves everyone and needs to be around people. Max does not bark much.  He will be reliable, trustworthy and dependable.


Munch and Taz




These two adorable Yorkie/Corgi mix pups are a bonded pair.  They are male and female litter mates.  Munch and Taz found their way to the shelter when their owner had medical issues and could not care for the pups.  Super cute! Stop by to meet Munch and Taz.

Misty Sue


Misty Sue is a beautiful Russian Blue bobtail mixed girl. She was originally adopted from Dogs & Cats as an eight week old but was returned when her owner could no longer care for her. Misty Sue is positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) but she needs no special food or medicine, and she will have a normal lifespan. She would prefer a home where she is the only cat.



Zoe is a nine year old Siamese mix who is frontal declawed. She was adopted from us a year ago but her owner passed away last week and she was returned to us. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl and family friends said that she and her owner were very bonded. She would be a great cat for a senior looking for a companion. She gets along with other cats and even has lived with dogs in the past. Zoe is available for adoption or as a permanent foster.



Shyloh1Update: Shyloh has been adopted.

Shyloh is a three month old Maltese and Poodle Mix. He is very friendly and very active, Shyloh will need a home with lots of stimulation and exercise. Shyloh is not housebroken either so will need a fair amount of training and patience. If you’re looking for a cute furry friend Shyloh may be the dog for you.


HulaHula is an eight year old female Jack Russell Terrier mix dog. She is very spry for her age and gets along well with other dogs her size. If you’re looking for a new best friend and a snuggle buddy Hula may be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter during business hours and say hi, Hula would love to meet you.



Onyx1Update: Onyx has been adopted.

This wiry streamlined good looking boy is named Onyx. Onyx is a three year old Miniature Pinscher and probably some Grey Hound mixture. Onyx has a pleasant disposition and gets along with people after he warms up as he’s a bit nervous when meeting new folks.

Stop by the shelter and meet Onyx, he is sure to win you over.


Cookie3A1Update: Cookie has been adopted.

This friendly fellow is named Cookie. Cookie is about an eleven month of Chihuahua mix. Cookie is very playful and seems to get along with any people. Cookie would love to find a home where he can get the time and attention he deserves. If you’re looking for a younger and small forever friend to share many years of happiness with Cookie may just be the dog you are looking for.



King2AUpdate: King has been adopted!

This feisty little fella is named King. King is a one year old Chihuahua mix with a ton of personality and a great disposition. King is already neutered and up to date on all of his shots. King is ready for a new forever home. King loves to play and is also very affectionate. If you are looking for a smaller forever friend with a very large heat and lots of love to give King may be the dog you are looking for. Stop by the shelter during business hours and meet King.



Bridget1Update: Bridget has been adopted.

This little girl is named Bridget. She is about a two year old Terrier mix. Bridget is a little apprehensive of new people and surroundings but she quickly warms up and is very affectionate. She is a smaller dog and active with a sweet disposition. Bridget would love to find a forever home and move out of the shelter.



Bobo4AUpdate: Bobo has been adopted.

This young fella is named Bobo and he is about a two year old Terrier mix. He seems to love all people and other dogs, but cats not so much. If you have a cat free home and are looking for a younger active medium sized love bug Bobo may just be the dog for you.



Sadie4AUpdate: Sadie has been adopted.

Sadie is a three year old female mix. There is probably some Hound, Miniature Pinscher, and a half dozen other breeds in her wood pile. What we do know is that she is a very sweet dog that gets along with anyone. If you’re looking for a new forever friend who is friendly and loves attention Sadie may be the dog for you.



Trixie2AUpdate: Trixie has been adopted.

This sweet girl is named Trixie. She is about a three year old Terrier mix. She gets along with everyone and has a sweet disposition. If you’re looking for a scruffier forever friend Trixie may just be the dog for you.