Miata is a one year-old girl who was found on I 95. She’s very sweet and loves people, but she would prefer being an only cat. She needs an active home with young adults.

Come on in and get ‘Miata’ here – I wanna be all yours!

I was trying to find myself a home but somehow I wound up on I 95. I made it to the median and then I was afraid to do anything but wait for help. But, fortunately someone came along and took me to safety. I am a sweet kitty and I am only about a year old. I really must be an only cat but that’s OK-I’m so awesome you won’t need anyone else but me.

Great news!! !My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Fonzie Girl

Fonzie girl is a friendly adult who came to the shelter after losing her home. She’s very nice with people but doesn’t care for other cats smd won’t eat if she is around other felines. She needs a home As an only pet very soon.

I’m named after a classic and my middle                  name is ‘good’!

I am a beautiful brown tabby girl and my wish is to leave the shelter as soon as possible. I was a house cat before I lost my home and as I was the only kitty in the house, I was the queen of my domain. I preferred her not having other kitties around, so as you can see, a shelter is not the place for me. I am very sweet and have excellent manners. I would love to go to a home again very soon!

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid by adoption fee.

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