Bella, a sweet, young pit mix found her way to the shelter as a stray.  Very small, only about 50 lbs. Bella is very active and requires a fenced yard.  She would be good with kids but does have a prey drive so needs someone who is attentive.  Quiet and gentle in nature.  No cats, fence required.






Opie is a handsome, one-year-old boy who loves people. He is playful and would be right at home with a young active family. He gets along with other cats and with people of all ages. Opie is ready to spend his life loving you.



Siren came to us when her owner dumped her in the parking lot of the shelter. She was pregnant at the time and soon gave birth to four beautiful kittens. Siren only a year old and she loves to play and act like the kitten that she still is. She is very affectionate with people and would do best in an active home.  She prefers being an only cat.f

Finch and Cass


Finch and Cass are a mother/son combo who would love a home with room for both of them. Finch(the tabby) is only eight months old and his mom, Cass (the dilute calico) is one year. they would be happiest in a semi-active adult home with no dogs or small kids. They often sleep and play together, so they need to find a home together, too.



muffin1Update: Muffin has been adopted.

Muffin is a one year old sweetie who came to the shelter with a litter of kittens. Of course, her babies have all found homes, and now Muffin is waiting for someone to give her the same opportunity. She is smart and affectionate and would be happiest in a semi-active home with adults or older kids.



Tigger is a beautiful orange tabby with classic markings who came to the shelter with his brother Mittens and sister Raven. He is very laid back but loves to interact with people.
He would be happiest in a quiet home-especially with one of his siblings



Raven is a gorgeous black beauty who came to the shelter with her brothers Tigger and Mittens, because their owner had to move to a place which did not allow pets. She is one year old and is very sweet with people and other cats, too. She would be happiest in a semi active adult home.



Mittens is a handsome one-year-old boy who came to the shelter with his siblings, Raven and Tigger. Mittens is a quiet boy who likes to be petted. He gets along great with other cats and could be adopted either by himself or with Raven or Tigger (even better)



Katie1Update: Katie has been adopted.

Katie is a sweet, one-year-old Calico girl who came to us with a litter of kittens. She is very friendly with people and would make an excellent companion in a semi active home. She is ready for a good life and waiting to meet you.

Cat in the Hat


CatinHat1Update: Cat in the Hat has been adopted.

Cat inThe Hat is a one year old longhaired boy who loves people of all ages. He gets along with other cats and has perfect house manners. He was surrendered by his owners because they didn’t have time for him.

He is very loving and would be great in an active home where he had people to play with.


digby1Update: Digby has been adopted.

Digby is a one-year-old boy who is the perfect cat for any family. He likes people and other cats, too. He is at the shelter with his twin brother Dilbert, and the two could be adopted as a pair or separately.


dilbert2AUpdate: Dilbert has been adopted.

Dilbert is a one-year-old-sweetie pie who has been at he shelter for more than six months. He is good with people of all ages and has a wonderful temperament. He likes other cats and actually has a twin brother (Digby) who needs a home also. The pair could be adopted together or separately.



Eclipse1Update: Eclipse has been adopted.

Eclipse is a one year old tuxedo boy who gets along great with other cats. He is a playful boy and would do best with adults and older kids. He has been with us since he was a kitten, but didn’t like being in a cage, so he could not be shown at PetSmart. He is a very smart and talkative boy who will entertain you endlessly.



Gouda1Update: Gouda has been adopted.

Gouda has been at the shelter ever since he was a kitten. He was very timid at first but now enjoys people and other cats, too. He is only a year old and very playful but needs a calmer adult home where he can feel safe. He is a very sweet and loving boy.


Cody2AUpdate: Cody has been adopted.

Cody is a one year old sweetie who loves to cuddle. He was found as a stray but he loves everybody he meets. He gets along well with other cats and would love an active home with people of any age.



Buddie2AUpdate: Buddie has been adopted.

Buddie is a one year old boy who lost his home because his owner wanted to travel. He is used to being with a small dog and likes other cats. He has lovely blue eyes and has a white coat with tan and tabby patches. He is possibly a Siamese mix. He is a very calm cat and would love a semi-active home with adults and older kids.


blanco1Update: Blanco has been adopted.

Blanco is a one year old longhaired Flamepoint Siamese boy. His family was allergic to him, so he was surrendered to the shelter. Blanco is frontal declawed and is used to a home with teenagers and a dog. He likes being the only cat, however. He needs an active family who can play with him and keep him from being bored. He has great house manners and can be cuddly as well as playful.