How could you not LOVE Jerry?  He is an 8 month old male Jack Russell and Dachshund mix and just wants to be held.  He’s a baby so he still needs training and does have a lot of energy.  If you are looking for years of happiness, Jerry might be your guy.


They just don’t come much sweeter than Chief.  He was found as a stray and is loving and gentle.  Chief is just a puppy, about 2 months old and is a Boxer mix so will grow into a medium size dog, about 60 lbs.  He will need to be potty trained and all of the puppy stuff that comes with it.  But, Chief will make a wonderful family dog.    Good with dogs and kids.




Hey Hey, I’m Ripley, I am a little itty bitty puppy.   I’m about 17 weeks and a hound mix adorable boy.  They don’t come must cuter than this.  We expect Ripley will be a medium size dog about  and he will need a fence so that he can run around and play.  Good with all dogs and kids.





Purebred bouvier!  Bear is a one year old purebred bouvier.  He is a high energy puppy and will require training and a consistent environment.  He is sweet but will be too much for children.  A strong handler is required.  He is very loving and will make a great dog.  Fenced yard required.




imageLuke is a 6 month old border collie / lab puppy.  Of course he is adorable!  He has a lot of energy and requires a fenced yard.  Luke would do best with an active family that will spend time with him and also take home to dog training so that he can learn the basics.



Bella, a sweet, young pit mix found her way to the shelter as a stray.  Very small, only about 50 lbs. Bella is very active and requires a fenced yard.  She would be good with kids but does have a prey drive so needs someone who is attentive.  Quiet and gentle in nature.  No cats, fence required.






Meet Jake, a big puppy!  Jake is only 9-10 months old, male and good with dogs and cats.  He is your typical puppy with a lot of energy.  Jake is a mountain cur breed and would do well with some basic training.  If you are looking for a big silly puppy to have for life stop by and meet Jake.








Ellie is a very sweet young boxer mix female.  She was abandoned at the front of our building when we were closed so we don’t know too much about her.  She is young, probably 10-11 months old and has a typical puppy personality.  She is learning her commands and gets along with most dogs.  Ellie is in excellent health.  Very sweet girl, deserving of a forever home.  Please stop by to see Ellie.