Male/ Collie Chow Mix/ 3 Years Old

My name is Tony and I promise I’m a good boy. But for some reason I found myself at a high kill shelter for being a wallflower. Thanks to Dogs And Cats Forever I have a chance to have a forever family. I am a CANINE GOOD CITIZEN (CGC) that means I can do many things for example. I have learned to – Accept a friendly stranger -Let someone pet me -Sit down and stay in place -Walk through a crowd – Come when called – and many more the front desk has the list of stuff I can do. I can be a bit lazy at times I love to eat laying down. I also know how to wait for my food just tell me “EAT” when ready. I am ready to go home to my forever family.


Male- Pit Mix- 3 Years Old

Judd was dumped on Dogs and Cats Forever property. After a couple of days of hanging around the facility we finally caught him. We don’t understand why someone would dump such a loving boy. Judd can be dog selective but other then that, Judd is a good boy. He knows basic commands such as sit, back up, and paw. if you are interested in Judd come by the shelter for a meet and greet I know he would make you fall in love.


(Update: thanks to the Boenish family, Odin’s blood work costs have been graciously sponsored. Thank you!)

Meet Odin! Odin came to the shelter as an abused and underweight stray. He is a 3 year-old American Bulldog mix. Sadly, because of previous neglect, Odin is currently undergoing blood work to diagnose an immune system problem. Even with his sad past, Odin is a good and loving boy. Odin needs a forever home where he can know what a true loving family really is.


Carol came to the shelter around Christmas time with three kittens. She’s a beautiful sweet girl who needs a quiet home with lots of TLC

I’m a beautiful ex-mama cat who arrived at the shelter with three kittens. Now that my babies have been adopted it’s time for me to find a home of my own. I prefer a calm adult family where I can get lots of TLC. I’m ready to spend my life with you.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


Slinky is a beautiful friendly 1 year old who would be a great family companion. She has mild cerebellar hypoplasia but requires no special medication or special handling

I’m a beautiful 1 year old girl who loves people and gets along great with other cats. I was born with mild cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition which makes me stumble a little when I walk. I will not get any worse but will also not get any better. I do not need any medication. Otherwise I’m like any other young cat-I love to play I love to cuddle and I’d love to have a home of my own. Please come and meet me it let me convince you that I’m your girl.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


My name is Lola. I’m a 9 year-old Rottweiler/Boxer mix, so you could say I’ve got a few years of experience in the fine art of friendship. I’m a lively and playful senior girl who would make the perfect companion for a lucky family out there! I would do well in a home with adults or older children, but I’m not that great with other animals. Not only am I extremely sweet, but I’m also smart too. I’ve got my basic commands down and if you wanted to throw me a few treats, I’d be eager to learn more. Every dog deserves to spend their golden years in a loving home, and I’ll be waiting for my people to find me!


Moe is a super sweet one and a half year old boy who lost his home when his owner moved. He’s great with people of all ages and other animals and would be a great companion to any family

Am I handsome or what?

I’m a super sweet one and a half year old boy and I lost my home because my owner moved. I’m very comfortable around people of all ages. I’d love to be your new pal forever. Stop by and meet me today.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Meet Luke! Luke is a 7-year-old male English Bulldog who is a very vocal boy that is looking for lots of love and attention. He also loves his toys and going on walks. But, he’ll also lounge lovingly near you so you can pet him nonstop. Luke will require a female household only, Luke is dog selective. Let’s meet!


Oreo came to the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him. He’s a sweet declawed boy who needs a quiet adult home

When I first arrived at the shelter I was very upset because I missed my home and my owner. Now that I’m used to my new life I’m very affectionate with the people who want to pet me. I’m 5 years old and frontal declawed. I need a quiet adult home as an only pet.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


Uber belonged to an Uber driver who took him in as a stray. He lost his home when the driver relocated. He’s a very sweet boy who gets along with other cats.

I’m a handsome 3 year old boy who lost my home when my owner moved. I get along great with people but I prefer being an only cat. Give me a chance to be your forever friend.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


Tina arrived at the shelter with six little babies to care for. Now she’s ready to have someone care for her. She must be an only pet in a semi active household.

I’m a beautiful ex momma cat who raised 6 little babies. Now that they are on their own I’m very happy to give up motherhood and be a pampered pet. I’m only a year old and I would do best in a semi-active home with no other pets. Meet me and take me home.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


Meringue is a darling young Tabby girl who came to the shelter with four babies. She loves people and she’s ready to find a Home of her own.


i came came to the shelter with 4 babies, but I was still a baby myself. I’m young sweet and playful and I’m looking for a home where I can get lots of TLC.  I prefer being an only cat and  I’m great with people. I’m waiting for your call.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Lock eyes with Caesar and that’ll be all that it takes for him to have your heart forever. He is a major goof ball and just a delight to be around. This super active one year old boy and would love to find a home with a fenced-in yard where he can zoom around and play! We were told that he has done well with other dogs in the past, but not all of the dogs that he has met were very friendly. We recommend a slow introduction for him to any potential doggy siblings. Consider bringing home the love of your life today, adopt Caesar!


Nala is a sweet one year old looking for her first real home. She’s playful and energetic and would prefer being an only cat.

Nala is a petite beauty who is looking for her new start. She loves people and will likely greet you when you walk into her room. This total sweetie and would love a family that enjoys cuddles. Living with other cats has her feeling uncomfortable, so we feel she would be best in a home where she can be someone’s one and only feline. Nala is ready to meet you today!

Great news! Nala’s guardian angel has paid her adoption fee.


ONE YEAR WITH NO INTEREST, WILL ANYONE EVER COME FOR ME? My name is Leah. I’m starting to think that nobody will give me a chance. I would make an excellent companion for an active adult family and I like other dogs. I’m a girl who loves to have fun, go swimming and would enjoy having a fenced-in yard to run and play in with my people! When I see someone that I don’t know, I bark. Trust me, I’m all talk – I have to alert my people when a stranger is near! But, just ignore me for a minute, and I will soon become your new best friend. Unfortunately, most would just dismiss a dog like me and walk on by, and that’s why I’ve been here for over a year. I’m a real sweet heart once I know you, and it doesn’t take much time or effort. I might put up a front but I’ll melt in your hands like putty shortly after. Loads of love and licks are in the future of my adopter. 

Female, Lab mix, 4 years

Gadget & Marley

Gadget has that personality that will jump out at you immediately. His happiness is contagious and his puppy-like play style will have you grinning from ear to ear. If you have something that he wants, he is very quick to “say please” in the cutest (and fastest) way possible. It’s simply impossible to spend a few minutes with this guy and leave without a smile on your face.

Marley is a little more on the reserved side, but would definitely blow Gadget out of the water on the cuddle-meter. She is very affectionate and ready to fall asleep in your arms! These two were roommates for many years, so they became like family to one another. They are a bonded pair and must remain together when finding their forever home.

Gadget – Male, Jack Russell mix, 7 years (black/white)
Marley – Female, Chihuahua mix, 8 years (tan)

Sailor & Rowan


Sailor & Rowan are a bonded sibling pair of 9 month old kittens with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). Sailor is the short haired orange female, Rowan is the medium haired black & white boy. A kitten has CH when the part of their brain that controls their balance and fine motor skills, the cerebellum, is underdeveloped at birth. This is a non-contagious, non-progressive neurological condition. In our experience, this usually just means that a cat will wobble a bit when they walk, since most of the cases that we see are mild. However, these two have a more severe case of CH; they have so little balance that they can not walk at all. They manage to get around by crawling and can do so quite quickly if they’re feeling determined!

They currently have a large play pen set up in their foster home with a layer of towels covered in a layer of pee pads, which gets cleaned twice daily. Using a modified litter box actually created more mess because of the way that they get around. Their foster mom tried out onesies and baby diapers on them, but getting them to stay on became difficult – someone a little creative may be able to find a solution for this. They do need to be bathed regularly, and although they don’t enjoy it, they are used to it and it isn’t difficult for one person to do at all. Rowan gets his bottom half shaved regularly to help minimize any mess, since he does have longer hair.

Sailor & Rowan LOVE to be pet and loved on by people almost as much as they love to cuddle and groom each other. These siblings just adore each other and have never been apart, so they must find a home together. Their disability prevents them from climbing and jumping, so if you’re looking for kittens that won’t get on the countertops, here they are! We feel that they would do well in a home with adults or older kids. They’re very sweet but they would need a family who is old enough to understand how to handle them, since they are a bit more vulnerable in a sense. They have been raised around other cats, kittens and a small dog; they will hiss at first, but eventually they accept their housemates. 

Sailor & Rowan are currently residing in a foster home in Port St. Lucie, FL. Please give us a call at 772-489-5454 to schedule a time to meet them.


Petey’s got it all – the looks, the charisma, and the loving heart that every potential adopter hopes to take home with them. This sweet senior guy is a volunteer favorite and it’s pretty clear why. He really turns on the charm with his hugs, kisses and desire to be by your side. This angel boy awaits a family that consists of adults or teenagers, and wouldn’t mind sharing his home with another pup. Consider bringing home lots of love – head on over and adopt Petey today!

American Bulldog mix, Male, 10 years


Trix is a sweet Siamese mix who was found as a stray four years ago. He was a shy kitten but he is learning to trust people more everyday .

I’m a handsome four year old Siamese mix boy who’s learning to trust more every day. I was a very shy kitten but I am learning that petting is good! I’ll soon be ready for my forever family-maybe it will be you!

GREAT NEWS!! My adoption fee has been paid in memory of Kay Dickinson.

Butterscotch (Fospice Program)

I’m a beautiful one year old girl who is very affectionate and playful. Although I am healthy right now, I do have feline leukemia and only expect to live for up to another year. Since it can be spread to other cats, I need a home where I can be the only cat or live with other FeLV+ cats and live indoors. I would make an excellent companion and give so much love to a family, even if it is only for a short period of time. 

I am eligible for our Fospice Program – so my medical needs would be of no cost to you. Read more about our Fospice Program here.

Buster (Fospice Program)

I’m Buster. I’m an extremely affectionate and playful two year old tabby. Although I am healthy right now, I have feline leukemia and expect to live for up to another year. Since it can be spread to other cats, I would need to be the only feline or live with other FeLV+ cats and live indoors. I deserve to feel the comfort of a home and a family, even if it’s only for a short time.

I am eligible for our Fospice Program – so my medical needs would be of no cost to you. Read more about our Fospice Program here.

Callie Sue

Callie Sue is a beautiful young love bug could be perfect for any family. She gets along with other cats and is very sweet.

I’m more than just a pretty face. I’m a  two year old who came all the way from Okeechobee just to meet you. I’m very snuggly when I sit with you but I don’t enjoy being picked up – at least not yet. I am somewhat independent and prefer that you let me come to you. I have excellent manners and I want to spend my life loving you.

Great news! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Jasper had a rough start to life and found himself on the euthanasia list at another shelter. Not only had he never known a loving home due to the abusive situation that he came out of, he was confused and afraid when everything he had ever known was taken away. We took Jasper in & a local trainer stepped up to work with him. Jasper even made friends with another adoptable dog of ours. He is still learning his manners and working to prepare himself for the new life that awaits him – he just needs to find the family that he so deserves. Jasper would like to find a home that consists of adults or teenagers and he would love a fenced-in yard where he can play.

Male, Cur mix, 1 year