Get a tattoo and help the animals!


Looking for a new tattoo? Go check out Southern Samurai in Ft. Pierce and tell them you saw this add on Dogs and Cats Forever’s website. Southern Samurai will donate to Dogs and Cats Forever 20% of your service to the shelter for the care of the animals.

Southern Samurai is on Facebook and showcases more of their awesome work, so head over there and like and share the page. Get the word out and remember to tell them Dogs and Cats Forever sent you.


Thank you to Treasure Coast Advocates for Seniors

Treasure Coast Advocates for Seniors will assist seniors if they would like to adopt a senior animal from Dogs and Cats by donating the food and medical services for the 1st year.


$500.00 was presented to Julie Paterson on Thurs August 28th 2014
In Photo.. Catherine Griffin ( Board Member)
Julie Paterson (Volunteer)
Photo taken by Marisol’s Photography Inc

2014 Calendars

Calendar_1The famous and widely anticipated Dogs and Cats Forever 2014 Calendars are finally available. You can purchase a calendar at both the shelter as well as the thrift store. The calendars are $10.00 each which goes directly to help dogs and cats at the shelter.

Dogs and Cats Forever thanks all the sponsers and communities support of the premiere No-Kill Animal Shelter of the Treasure Coast.

Photographs proudly provided by: Shannon DiBenedetto, Captured Memories Photography!







Update: Bubba lived happily in the shelter for over a year. In December of 2014 Bubba either via tumor or degenerative disk disease developed a pinched nerve which essentially paralyzed his entire back end and legs. Multiple vets were consulted, steroids and rehab was attempted. The last two weeks staff members had to carry the dog everywhere. Eventually it was Bubba’s time when no progress or relief was made.

The entire staff adopted Bubba. He was loved and he knew he had a home. RIP my friend. You won’t soon be forgotten. You were a darn good dog and it was a privilege to care for you. I’ll see you again.


Meet Bubba. Bubba is special case with an interesting story. Dogs and Cats Forever, rescued Bubba from Palm Beach Animal Care and Control. You see someone murdered Bubba’s human in front of him and Bubba was found a couple days later loyally laying near his deceased master.

What we know about Bubba is that he is a seven year old Neapolitan Mastiff. When Bubba  came to us he had picked up a case of kennel cough so we have been treating him for that which he has overcome with flying colors.

Bubba unfortunately also has bi-lateral perineal hernia. Essentially the muscles near his rectum are torn and give him discomfort while defecating.

Ok now for some good news. Surgery can correct this and Bubba is scheduled to get his butt fixed in two and a half weeks. Bubba will also be neutered at the time. Even with all the problems with Bubba’s butt, he is completely house broken and never goes inside his room or in his run.

Since Bubba has been feeling under the weather with kennel cough and his butt problems he has lost some weight. Right now he weighs exactly 100lbs. We are gradually putting some weight on him though and this dog will normally weigh about 120-130lbs easily.

Even with everything this dog has been through in the last two months, Bubba has a great disposition. He is a huge (literally) lover. He is not aggressive towards other dogs or cats and seems to love most everyone. Bubba is such a big sweetheart he will win over anyone.

As you can imagine, Bubba needs a little extra help. His surgery, while not incredibly expensive is an additional cost we must cover to get Bubba 100% healthy and ready to continue his life in a new forever home.

Can you help us? Even if you can’t adopt Bubba, he sure would be appreciative and thankful to you with slobbery kisses if you could throw a little money into his surgery fund. This beautiful dog makes anyone who sees him smile. I think we can all appreciate that fact and give a little something back.

Head on over to our donation page. and click the “Donate” button at the bottom. Let’s show this beautiful dog how much we love him and help him get his butt fixed.


How can you say “no” to that face? This dog laid by his dead master for three days and didn’t move. We can all learn a lesson in loyalty from Bubba’s example.

Share this page, like it on Facebook, tell your friends, tell your family. Lets get the word out about fixing Bubba’s butt. Hey if you like Bubba, you can also adopt him when he gets better which will be in just a few short weeks.

In the mean time Bubba says “thanks” its time for a nap.